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aah yes I always want to rp when i’m half dead and everyone is asleep. I have the best timing.

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You know I've been thinking that we should have a very romantic day in. Candles and rose petals leading all the way to the bedroom, the kits away for good, and smooth music playing in the background, sounds nice right? We'll have to make sure that our clothes are discarded--that should be easy for you since you're half naked all the time anyway. We start out kissing and well you know the rest~
I bet you're blushing already by reading this. Guess my job is done.
Ps: Before you ask no you cannot bring ramen into the bedroom.


Wow, I bet this looks soooo professional, right? Well, fuck you professionalism isn’t my strong point so stop judging me. I MEAN OOPS, LOOK, YOUR NAME IS ON THE LIST AND I LOVE YOU! Just a little roster of people I have been stalking, rping with and admiring from afar. Yes, I am aware some of you I have yet to interact with, but you are my senpais and you are going on the list. Presh baes.

narudone // charaisasuke // legendary-deviant // vulpesacer // xfalsum // within-this-nothingness // asumas-gaiden // shodaisenju // 4eyedaburame // gavineer // knuckleheadtrickster // hisherxld // deprauationem // ichaichaxx // bakasuke-prince // ashenos // yondaimeflash // death-in-a-single-caw // shining-days // mizukageofthemist // kakuzusjashinist // itamitenshi // uzuki-yugao // izumoh // irukas // southernsassafrastea // the-legendary-forehead // smallcherryblossomofkonoha // sex-n-lightning // kuraudoh // unpredictableninja // heytherehinata // ruzumaki // theblondesannin // ahealingheart // kodokuo // jibaku-bunshin // konohawarhawk // teme-kun // chaoticrelic // minatobutt // thatsassysenju // speculativeserpent // super-pervy-sage // kushimaki // kaminoraijuu// king-of-excuses // kiyoshi—i // konekogakimadara // sadistic-delusions // flee-on-sight 

nara-shikaku // strawberrysakura // hinabae // menmafuckingnamikaze // sonofwhitefang // maleficswordsman // etherealsnow // fuzzybrowss // greatharmony // muyonohone // gentlemikoto // toothpiick // raidounamiashi // indigocosmos // uchihasauce // mikuchiha // naru-uzumaki

I know I probably missed a lot of people, but these are the baes off of the top of my head, okay? I love you all, and thank you for brightening up my dash as much as you all have!



Artist - 海洋



    doesn’t end in { b l o o d }


    doesn’t make you { f a m i l y }


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Dear Sakura-chan,
Just a little beyond the outskirts of Konoha is a nice little cafe that I hear has the best anmitsu. Maybe during the summer time we can go there and eat all the ice cream we can have but you're going to have to tell me which flavors are the best. Then I was thinking what better way to spend the rest of the day than to go shopping? A princess needs all the cute dresses she can have.
--Love Sasuke-nii-san
Ps: You know what why not go out for some toys too while we're at it.

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I'm sorry that I can be disrespectful and moody at times. I may bad mouth you around Itachi but I honestly don't mean anything I say. I just wish you'd accept that Menma is going to be in my life from now until forever. I can't change how I feel about him and I refuse to--you've witnessed that first hand of course. I want to say that I don't hate you or anything. I don't think I ever truly could. I still look up to you and aspire to be like you in some ways. I'm also sorry for saying you were the reason Itachi left, that's not true at all and neither is my reasoning behind moving out. I hope that one day you and Menma can see eye to eye.

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My dearest hime-sama,
Every day you become more beautiful than before--I'm sure that the minutes it takes you to read this you'll become extremely radiant. I am surprised how well your body looks with all the sweets and fats you seemed to love. I will volunteer to make you a home cooked healthy meal but even if you were the size of Chouji in his expansion form I would still love you! More cushion for the pushin sounds like something I could handle!
--Love your prince xoxox
ps: Itachi isn't interested in dating..In fact he despises the color pink. I swear I'm not making this up.

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Dear Kushina-san,
Menma or Minato-san probably wouldn't appreciate me writing to you about this topic but it must be said! Your hair is like the color of a dozen blooming roses, never has any woman's appearance caught my eyes like yours. Long hair is very attractive. If only you were 30 years younger. By the way Menma doesn't really talk about your cooking but I'm up to have dinner at the Uzumaki household someday. I'll have to see if your culinary skills surpass my mother's. Please don't show this to your husband and kid.
--Sincerely Sasuke-kun♥
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bonus if you give me a setting as to why my character is writing yours.


i n t r o d u c t i o n :


Name: Sasuke Uchiha

Nickname(s): Playboy, whoresuke, Uchiha brat, charasuke, idiot, so on so forth

Birthday: July 23rd 

Relationship Status: Taken

Random fact: He believes because he is a prodigy he doesn’t need to train as hard like everyone else so he’s always slacking off.


Name: Minto

Tumblr URL: Gayattorneyswut

Nickname(s): Minto, hime, minty, mintbutt

Relationship Status: Single.

Random fact about you: I am surprised I haven’t gotten diabetes with all the sweets I eat.



It became clear there is something entirely off here and both of them were feeling it, although neither of the two seemed to be able to pinpoint just what it is or how to communicate it. Of course, Kakashi didn’t mind training, but he wasn’t always in the mood for it like his youthful comrade would be. Right now, he rather be off reading his fantasy novels or getting something into his stomach- or even wandering around on the path of life. But, it would seem, fate simply had other plans for the copy-nin.

Gai? Rubbing off on me?

If the black haired Uchiha wanted to spar so badly, then so be it. Pathetic isn’t entirely in his own vocabulary and he found the other to be entirely out of line, even if his personality seemed to have completely flipped itself around. Could be puberty.


"You know —————- I think you were right. Tonight looks like a good night to train."

His hands lift, coming together as if the Jonin is about to perform a seal.

Sasuke felt his skin crawl with that suggestion—that wasn’t the normal reaction he was expecting to get out of the jounin. Throwing his hands up in defense, he turned the request down in a frantic manner.

"W-Wait a minute are you upset or something because sparring sounds like a terrible idea right now!" 

Usually his snide comments would simply be ignored or earn him extra training, but with this strange behavior, Kakashi looked intimidating for the first time in a while. It wouldn’t do any good to tango with him like this.

"I-If you were dumped that’s okay sensei—marriage isn’t important…even if you’re at this age…I’m sure you’ll find the perfect girl though! No need to take it out on me.”


-sobs- brb forever crying about gay attorneys 


He’s pretty pissed off, so he just decided to ignore the other. To be honest, he’s angry enough to the point where he’d punch Sasuke but afterwards he’d feel pretty bad about it so he decides against it.


"Don’t talk to me."

An exasperated sigh leaves the playboy’s lips. How could he forget how incredibly moody Menma gets whenever a certain Akatsuki member’s name is uttered—especially at a time like this. He figure he’ll probably get beat for it but he wraps his arms around the other from behind anyway. It’d be worth a few bumps and possible hemorrhaging in the ER for.

"Menma I didn’t mean to upset you. Do you really think I could stand even an hour with Itachi? We’d fight and I’d come right back to you. Honestly between you and me—Itachi can be an asshole." Of course the other knew that with first hand experience.